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Flat Roofing Services

The Chris Pressnell Roofing team are fully qualified and specialise in three different roofing types of Flat Roofing Services;GRP Fibreglass Roofing, EDPM Rubber Roofing and Felt Roofing. Chris Pressnell Roofing is certified in GRP roofing by Cromar Pro GRP and Classic Bond EPDM Rubber Roofing.

Roofing Cromar Pro GRP Fibreglass Roofing ​

The first flat roof system we offer is the GRP system, GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester and is often referred to as Glass-Fibre roofing or Fibreglass roofing. Fibreglass is one of the more modern materials used in roofing systems. Fibreglass as a material is popular for its flexibility allowing fibreglass roofing to be used on lightweight roofs, conservatory roofs or complicated or awkward shaped roofs.

The GRP roofing system is applied cold on site resulting in a seamless, flexible weatherproof finish for your roof. Fibreglass roofing ensures that your roof will resist water and temperature extremes including heat and frost (both of which can damage your roof) adding to the durability of this roofing type. Fibreglass roofing is also impact resistant and fire resistant with the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Fibreglass roofs are suitable for both small domestic roofs and much larger industrial roofs making this a choice to consider for most roofing projects and with the results they produce why wouldn’t you consider a fibreglass roofing system. The results from using fibreglass are incredibly seamless whilst simultaneously providing a strong architectural finish with an impressive and glossy finish.

At Chris Pressnell Roofing all of our fibreglass roofing systems come with a manufacturer guarantee of 25 years and our specialist roofers are fully trained and certified by Cromar GRP PRO.

Classic Bond EPDM Roofing (Rubber Roofing System)

The second flat roof system we offer is the Classic Bond EPDM Rubber Roofing system, EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer commonly shortened to EPDM Rubber or synthetic rubber. The diene monomers in EPDM rubber provide the cross-linking that provides excellent resilience, flexibility, and durability.


Durable and weatherproof EPDM is a very reliable rubber roofing system that will deliver a seamless flat roof covering. Mentioned above, EPDM rubber roofing is not affected by extremes of temperature and will not crack, peel or split in a temperature range from -40 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius (meaning you won’t need to replace it as often). EPDM Rubber roofs are also able to withstand ozone and UV rays as well as being tear-resistant which adds to the incredibly high level of sustainability this roofing system delivers.

Classic Bond roofing was developed in the 1960’s and still remains a strong, durable choice of roofing systems today. Here at Chris Pressnell Roofing all our EPDM Rubber roofs come with a manufacturer’s life expectancy of 50+ years.

Felt Roofing System

Our third and final flat roofing system offered is Felt Roofing, a system that has been around for many years. Felt is a popular flat roofing material commonly found on sheds and garage roofs. Despite having been around for many years the method of applying felt roofs has modernised and updated and these days felt roofing is applied using a Torch-On method.


Three layers of modified Bitumen (felt) are welded onto the roofs surface and onto each other with the use of a blowtorch which creates an impenetrable, waterproof seal for your roof. Felt roofing systems are also frost proof and fire-resistant adding to their durability.

Felt Roofing is a lightweight roofing choice which allows for its use on smaller and weaker structures such as sheds and garages, yet felt roofing is also an option for bigger roofs too. Felt as a material is flexible which allows for our roofers to cut it to fit any shape or size roof and you also have a colour choice with this roofing system between brown, grey, green and even purple!

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