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Slate Roofing Services

Chris Pressnell Roofing also specialise in Slate Roofing offering two different types of slate roofing man-made slate and natural slate.

Man-made Slate Roofing

Our roofers can offer two types of slate roofing the first choice is using made-made slates which are a cement-fibre slate that is manufactured to a uniform size. These slates are a popular, sleek, and affordable alternative to using natural slate. Man-made slates are available as a plain flat slate or as a detailed surface that mimics the appearance of natural slate.


This type of slate can be used on pitches as low as 20 degrees. Man-made slates can be used on both steeper and lower pitches with roofs that require a more complex design such as those with intersections due to the fact they are lighter than natural slates.

Man-made slates also provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to natural slating, so if you are someone who is conscious of being environmentally friendly this is a positive of man-made slates to bear in mind. Despite being environmentally friendly we do not lose any of the properties that make man-made roofing popular such as its fire resistant properties and its ability to withstand all weather conditions well.


Whilst this roofing system is man-made we still think the results of man-made slate roofing provide a streamlined, elegant finish.

Natural Slate Roofing

Our second slate roofing option is using natural slates. Natural slates produce a very aesthetically pleasing finish to a roof and come in varying shades depending on the country of origin they are sourced from. Slates can be imported from Wales, Spain, China and Brazil with each country’s slates varying in price.

Welsh slates are the optimal slate choice however, we understand these are a very expensive choice and instead our roofers promote Spanish slates as a cheaper alternative. The slate quality will vary between the different grade and we prefer our roofers to use Spanish slates specifically GM ULTRA or SEGA 39. Some Brazilian and Chinese slates may appear a cheaper natural slate but are not well suited for seaside areas such as Deal, Kent.

Natural slate roofs are made of naturally occurring stone which help to ensure that your roof is unaffected by extreme weather such as highs in temperature, strong winds and even hail! Natural slates are also fire resistant and due to these factors natural slate roofs can last 100+ years which is excellent value. Natural slate roofing absorbs very little water helping to protect your roof from unwanted mould and mildew which makes natural slate roofing a great choice for those looking for a low maintenance roof.

Our roofers find that natural slated roofs are very visually pleasing as this roofing system choice provides a natural, traditional finish to you roof.

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