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Tile Roofing Services

Chris Pressnell Roofing contractors offer two types of tiled roofing systems for your roofing projects. Tile roofing with the choice between Clay or Cement and Kent Peg Tiles a traditional feature on homes in the area.

Tile Roofing

Our roofers offer tiled roofing with the options of clay or cement, these tiles are available in a wide range of designs and colours which makes tiled roofing well suited for modern houses in comparison with other roofing systems such as slate roofing.

Clay roof tiles are often a popular choice and have been used for thousands of years. Clay tiles absorb far less water than concrete thus providing protection from the elements by only absorbing a tiny 6% of water. Due to this there is less chance of mildew on your roof meaning clay tiled roofing is great for those looking for a low maintenance roof choice. Clay tiles also provide a classic appearance to your roof which many find to be a highly desirable look.

Concrete tiles are your second option offer by Chris Pressnell Roofing. Concrete tiles have seen a surge in popularity in the last 50 years and its clear why. Concrete tiles are extremely durable as they are Class A fire rated and resistant to most weather conditions that cause damage to your roof including hail and strong winds. Concrete tiles can often survive strong winds of up to 125 miles per hour.

Regardless, whether you opt for concrete or clay both tiling options have a life expectancy of 50+ years highlighting their durability and resistance and both tiles do well in hot climates and in areas exposed to salty air such as our seaside town Deal and surrounding areas in Kent.

Kent Peg Tiles

Kent Peg tiles are a traditional feature on houses in Kent and Deal is no different. Kent Peg tiles are the regions specific version of a man-made clay peg tile and are often found on older properties in Deal that result in an original and uneven finish. This uneven finish may not sound appealing to some, but Kent Peg tiles are popular especially in Deal for the charm and undeniable character they provide to your roof.

Aside from being visually appealing, Kent Peg tiles are great for preventing leaks as the irregular surfaces on these traditional tiles act to prevent water from being drawn into your roof easily. Previously Kent Peg tiles were hung on wooden pegs but now they are hung on aluminium. Kent Peg tiling can be difficult for many as their unique shape and size requires a high level of skill and patience, which can often make it difficult to find roofers who will offer Kent Peg tiling. However, our roofers who are highly skilled with 40 years’ experience and specialise in Kent Peg tiling are here to help with any Kent Peg tile roofing projects you may have.

We believe Kent Peg tiles are the ideal roof tile choice for older homes in Deal and roofing projects where a more traditional appearance is the desired outcome.

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